Now. Present. Alive. I guess…

(Last updated september 03, 2020)

Hi, I am Nish

Where Am I?

Currently, I am living somewhere on the surface of a pale blue dot; a land called Nepal.
I am living in Kathmandu, Nepal where I have lived more than half of my life (and still ticking).

What Are You Working On?

I am working as a Data Scientist in a small (yet exciting) Barclays Acceleratred startup Docsumo.

(Only few know of this little galaxy which is revolving around solving the important problem of extracting information and knowledge from documents. Note the word *“Scientist” which is an overstatement for me as I know so little about everything in the universe!*)

However, right now I am a leading research (and experiments) on Machine Learning.
Currently, I am doing research on Graph Neural Networks and Table Structure Recognitions.

Anything Interesting You’ve Started?

I have deleted all the social media account in order to focus more on my learning and thinking processes.

I have started my personal newsletter bits-and-paradoxes.
(Do subscribe if you want. :) )

It was one of few ideas I couldn’t implement partly because I lack (still I guess) self-confidence. And partly because I feel I know nothing about the world around.

(Currently it’s in 18th week)

Anyway, I am trying to re-structuring knowledge base using Roam.
It’s kinda messy. Yet is able to make myself comfortable.


What’s You Daily Routine?

With lockdown in place here in Kathmandu I have solidified a few habits:

What’s In Your Mind-Cave?

Initially during the COVID-19 crisis, I was still seeking grad schools in USA. All of them rejected me. So that’s that. Anyway, I am planning to look into them (probably Canada) next year once this COVID-19 situations calm down.